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    UltraPrevention The Six Week Plan that Will Make You Healthier for Life (Paperback)

    Simon & Schuster


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    Have You Been Living With An Illness Your Entire Life Without Knowing It?

    Do you have dry, patchy skin, bumps on your arms, or soft nails?

    Do you get tired in the afternoon, crave sugar, or struggle with a fat belly you cannot get rid of?

    Are you aging quicker than you’d like, with wrinkles and a slower metabolism?

    If you said yes to any of these questions, then you may be dealing with malnutrition, an impaired metabolism, inflammation, oxidative stress, or impaired detoxification.

    These conditions usually go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, you may be prescribed too many medications that you’d find unnecessary if you’d only deal with the root problem.

    UltraPrevention is the new science of staying healthy, an innovative program that shatters the myths of today’s “fix-the-broken-parts” medicine. These myths — drugs cure disease, genes determine your fate, getting older means aging, fat is a four-letter word — are actually believed by many doctors, and are keeping you sick.

    Strident general practitioners Dr. Hyman and Dr. Liponis reject the current healthcare system of specialists who are paid to find something wrong; specialists who don’t care how their “cure” for one ailment affects the entire body.

    Hyman and Liponis broke free of the vicious quick-fix prescription cycle and formulated a program that will help you identify the cause of disease instead of just masking symptoms.

    Isolating the source of more than 90% of today’s most common diseases, from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s, they identified The Five Forces of Illness…

    • Sludge (malnutrition)
    • Burnout (impaired metabolism)
    • Heat (inflammation)
    • Waste (impaired detoxification)
    • Rust (oxidative stress)

    …and found that each can be easily detected and stopped before disease develops.

    Through the practice of the six-week UltraPrevention program, you’ll learn three simple steps, each only two weeks long, that stop these forces and create a lifetime of good health:

    • remove toxins from the body.
    • repair the body by using personalized nutrition and supplements.
    • recharge with stress management, sleep restoration, and gentle movement..

    So Stop Falling For The Myths That Make You Sick — Myths That Even Many Doctors Believe — And Start UltraPrevention, The Powerful Plan To Get Older Without Aging, And Maintain Health For All Of Life.

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