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    UltraSimple Diet Essentials Kit

    4 Weeks

    The UltraSimple Diet® Essentials Kit is the basic workhorse team you need to provide your body with the raw materials required to support lifelong health, vitality, and optimal weight. Think of them as the little helpers that support and optimize every biochemical reaction in your body.

    These supplements should be taken every day for the rest of your life for maximum effect.

    What's Included in This Kit:

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    This high-potency, high-quality multiple vitamin and mineral combination is formulated to provide a comprehensive foundation for optimal health, weight, and metabolism. These are the essential chemical helpers that support every part of your biochemistry.


    Highly bioavailable forms of these calming, synergistic minerals support optimal health and are an important addition to your weight-loss program. They relax muscles and nerves, improve sleep, and reduce the effects of stress, which are all essential if you want to achieve your optimum weight.

    Vitamin D3

    A special form of highly bioactive vitamin D that supports bone strength, healthy immune cell function, heart function, and cellular metabolism, and helps regulate and control your genes.

    Omega-3 fats

    Purified source of omega-3 essential fatty acids concentrated from cold-water fish oil to help support optimal cardiovascular and immune system function and promote optimum weight.


    A non-dairy probiotic formula that supports immune system function and helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora both of which are critical for weight loss. These friendly intestinal bacteria are the symbiotic helpers that nourish us, protect us, and keep us healthy.

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