BodyBio Balance Oil 16 oz.

for 16 oz

BodyBio Balance Oil 16 oz.

for 16 oz
Organic virgin safflower and flax seed oil, for essential omega-3s which support optimal health and wellness for mind, body, hormones and immunity.
  • Supply for 4 Weeks
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Product Description

4:1 Ratio of Organic Safflower and Flax Seed Oil Blend in its Virgin State

One of the very best supplement programs includes additional Essential Fatty Acids of Omega 6 to Omega 3 at a 4:1 ratio.  Of particular interest was the finding that the critical factor was not the level of essential fatty acids in the diet; but rather the ratio between n-6 and n-3 fatty acids.

* 4:1 Ratio of Omega 6 Linoleic to Omega 3 Linolenic
* Low temperature processing
* No additives, preservatives, bleaching agents or hexane extraction
* Packaged in a PET bottle for light, oxygen and reactive metal protection
* Contains 0 g trans fatty acids
* Certified organic seeds, completely unrefined oils
* Cold-Pressed Safflower and flax seed oil
* Laboratory analysis guarantees purity of product
* Lends a delicate flavor for salad dressings

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