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Starter 10-Day Detox Supplement Box

for 10 Individual packs per box

Starter 10-Day Detox Supplement Box

for 10 Individual packs per box

This 10-day basoc supplement pack helps to support healthy glucose metabolism, lipid utilization, weight management and detoxification to support the initial days of the 10 Day Detox program in conjunction with a whole food diet and regular exercise.

Supplement Pack- 10 day supply

  • Supply for 4 Weeks
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Product Description

What's Included in packs:

PURELEAN NUTRIENTS | 3 vegetarian capsules-
Multivitamin and mineral: A high-quality multi should be the base of any supplement program. This formulation contains the foundational nutrients needed for lifelong health as well as key vitamins and minerals needed for healthy blood sugar balance.

EPA/DHA WITH LEMON | 1 softgel capsule- Omega-3 Fats: Now known as crucial for healthy cardiovascular, nervous system, and immune function, these important fats also bolster insulin sensitivity and support health blood sugar balance.

VITAMIN D3 | 1 vegetarian capsule-Vitamin D: Essential support for bones, especially in aiding absorption of calcium and phosphorous and preventing calcium loss through urine, for the cardiovascular system, immunity, colon health, breast and prostate tissue, and cell metabolism.

MAGNESIUM (GLYCINATE) | 1 vegetarian capsule- Magnesium: Magnesium is known to support health across a number of dimensions since it impacts the function of over 300 enzymes. It is known to support health metabolism, blood sugar, and insulin sensitivity.

TAURINE | 1 vegetarian capsule- Taurine: This powerful antioxidant supports healthy cardiovascular, nervous system, skeletal muscular, and retinal function.

METABOLIC XTRA | 1 vegetarian capsule-Metabolic Xtra: Supports healthy insulin function and glucose homeostasis.

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