One of my favorite animated movies is “Lilo and Stitch.” It is such a sweet story that talks about family or Ohana. The term Ohana is Hawaiian and it means “family bound together to cooperate and remember one another”. As Lilo says, Ohana means no one is left behind or forgotten. When we started this plan a couple months ago, we needed to depend on Ohana like never before. We were so toxic and physically sick by what we were eating. The sad part is we had no clue just how sick we were. I just knew we needed help! Unfortunately, we enjoyed every celebration with food. We planned our food before our activities for the day. Our focus was food – It comforted us. Food brought us together (or so we thought). We needed food desperately (again, or so we thought). That is until the day our lives changed forever when we met Dr. Oz and he introduced us to Dr. Hyman and Lizzy Swick. We realized how blessed we were, we had expert help and wonderful tools in front of us. Yes, it was hard to start even despite the support. Ohana was key. We decided it was time to come together and support one another like no other time in our lives. Over the course of weeks and now months, we have had to carry each other and stick together. Believe me there are days that one of us thinks it is just too hard and we need encouragement. There are also lots of big break - through victories and we are there for each other through it all. We are Ohana after all. I know we have a long road ahead, but fortunately, we have crossed so many obstacles already. I’m sure that there are many more to come. I know with family, my Ohana, we will make it and bring healthy back to our lives.
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