COVID-19: Where Are We Now And Where Do We Go From Here?

While we can’t be sure what’s in store for us with the future of COVID-19, we can try to learn from the past to tackle this situation in the smartest way possible. That means looking at previous infectious disease epidemics and understanding zoonotic diseases like this one, that are passed from animals to humans, and how they’re different from the other pandemic diseases we’ve been able to eradicate. I was excited to connect with Dr. Steven Gordon to dig into these topics deeper, today on The Doctor’s Farmacy. Dr. Gordon is the person to talk to when it comes to gaining a better understanding of infectious diseases. He explains some of the unique characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 and how they will dictate the way we move forward with healthcare and as a society in the coming years. The good news is that Dr. Gordon has a positive outlook about our ability to cope with COVID-19. Throughout our talk we break down some of the other most common phrases and questions associated with the pandemic. Dr. Gordon explains the concept of herd immunity in an easy-to-understand way and we discuss what we currently do and don’t know about antibodies and immunity. When it comes to the numbers, we’re hearing daily changes on infection rates and mortality rates. Identifying more people that have been infected but were asymptomatic means a decrease in the mortality rate. Dr. Gordon provides some interesting insights into how this could change our perspective of COVID-19. We also talk about the future of medicine after the pandemic, what vaccine studies are showing us, and so much more. I hope you’ll tune in to feel as educated as possible during this time.
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