How Food Policy Impacts Your Health

Maintaining good health is front and center in most of our minds right now, and for good reason. As we take in the latest news on COVID-19 each day, it’s the perfect time to take a deeper look at why some of us are more susceptible to this virus. How can we collectively improve our immunity to combat this pandemic more successfully? How can we protect ourselves in the future? There are many ways. And you won’t be surprised that food and the policies that influence our food system are a huge piece of that puzzle. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy I talk with Senator Bill Frist, a politician, doctor, farmer, author, and much more. Throughout this episode, we discuss how a lack of appreciation for data and science among policymakers is affecting how we handle COVID-19, as well as healthcare in general. Senator Frist believes, and I agree, that we can make this a teachable moment in history and better handle future pandemic threats. It all starts with how we feed our bodies—we need policy changes that support healthy and accessible food. Coronavirus has proven to be the most destructive for vulnerable populations. That is true on socioeconomic and racial levels, as well as for those dealing with chronic disease. We talk about how to enact policy change, from idea to implementation, and how that can positively impact these populations and public health as a whole. These are important issues of our time, I hope you’ll tune in. Subscribe to Sen Frist’s podcast, A Second Opinion, here.
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