How To Align Your Attention With Your Intention

In our unpredictable and continually changing world, figuring out how to create a happy life means tending to the needs of our health, career, relationships, passions, and desires. Unfortunately, time can often feel like our biggest enemy, often seeming to be out of our own control. But what if it isn't? What if you had the ability to take control of how you trade your energy for time, and knew how to increase your body's "energy budget" to live your fullest life?

On this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was happy to sit down and talk with Dr. Pedram Shojai about how to find focus and make meaningful change to create the life we desire. During our conversation, Pedram shares his experience as a taoist monk, what he learned about himself and the world during that time, and why he eventually decided to leave monastic life. We also discuss a concept Pedram refers to as “life gardens.” By examining how we spend our time and our energy as a metaphor for how we tend to our life garden, we gain insight into the things we are helping to grow, and can recognize what areas we may be neglecting.

We are all juggling giving our attention to everything from our careers and relationships, to finances and health; Pedram offers specific tools to help bring our attention to these various areas of life in line with our intention for each of them. We also talk about how the pandemic has forced us to halt as a society. As Pedram describes it, this is a meta-moment for focus. We delve into why this is a crucial time to evaluate our lives and hit reset, how to balance doing versus being, and why saying “no” and setting boundaries is so important.

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