Becoming Nobody: The Key To Freedom And Happiness

Our higher and lower-self are always around, but who are we listening to most of the time? Who is having the conversation in our heads? Taking a deeper look at my level of awareness led me to study Buddhism in college and though I changed course to pursue a career in medicine, spiritual growth has always remained a passion for me.

I think as humans we need a mass recognition that we are all one; we need to see that inside we’re all the same. Learning from others is a key part of the journey to greater awareness and there are so many teachers I’ve found throughout my life that have helped me do that. Today’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy, Rameshwar Das, is one of them.

We kick off the episode hearing about some of Ramesh’s incredible experiences with Ram Dass. From using psychedelic drugs like LSD to exploring the powers of meditation in India, Rameshwar and Ram were open to any catalysts for greater consciousness. Ramesh shares some heartfelt stories about their relationship as well as the wisdom that Ram had to share on things like overcoming fear of death and cultivating loving awareness in this life.

Our ego serves a purpose but can also be the main culprit in suffering. Ramesh and I discuss the benefits of having an ego and how it can so easily get out of control, leading us towards discontent. We talk about how things like mindfulness, meditation, and even psychedelics can help us get out of an ego-centered mindset and into a greater awareness of our purpose.

Many of us find it easier to love others than to love ourselves. Ramesh shares some insights into this common struggle and we look at how becoming curious and open to changing our relationships with ourselves is a powerful vehicle for living a happier and more peaceful life.

Ramesh has so many valuable and thoughtful ideas to share. I hope you’ll tune in to expand your awareness and inner freedom.

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