The Future Of Medicine: Precision And Personalization

It’s an exciting time to be in medicine, as we watch technological advances completely change the way we understand the body. There are revolutions happening on multiple levels: the “omics” revolution that looks at the interactions of the genome, microbiome, metabolome, transcriptome, and more; the digitization of data that involves tracking our biology through things like the Oura ring or a continuous glucose monitor; and the systems biology medicine movement that is reframing the way we look at preventing disease and healing the body at the root. I was excited to sit down with Dr. Daniel Kraft to talk about a different vision that will integrate this type of information into the future of healthcare. Dr. Kraft and I discuss so many intriguing areas of personalized medicine throughout this episode. One challenge with our current medical data is that it’s based on the “average patient,” which many of us are nothing like (and don’t want to be like). We can use personalized data, like how our blood sugar responds to certain foods, for example, to create a whole new approach to wellness with actionable information. I’m really excited about where this area of precision nutrition is heading and what it can do to optimize our health. Genetics can play an important role in our health outcomes, but they are not written in stone. Dr. Kraft and I talk about how genetic variations can mean different things for the same disease, and that as we discover more about them on a molecular level we open up amazing prevention and treatment models. We also get into the concept of “exponential medicine,” which helps us understand the pace of change we’re embarking on, how technologies come together to address pain points, and how this all integrates with incentives, policymakers, payment systems, and more. I hope you’ll tune in to hear more about the incredible tools and systems that are changing healthcare for the better. This episode is brought to you by TrueDark, BiOptimizers, and Higher Dose. TrueDark Daylights help prevent eye strain and headaches from overexposure to junk light and TrueDark Twilights collection for nighttime helps you get deeper sleep. TrueDark is offering podcast listeners 15% off with code DRHYMAN15. Just go to Right now, BiOptimizers is offering Doctor’s Farmacy listeners 10% off your Magnesium Breakthrough order. Just go to and use code HYMAN10 to receive this amazing offer. The Infrared Sauna Blanket from HigherDOSE gives you all the benefits of infrared in an easy-to-use, portable blanket at a much lower cost than a stand-alone sauna. HigherDOSE is offering my community an exclusive discount of $75 off, with promo code FARMACY75 at
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