Why Success Is Not What We Think It Is

One thing COVID taught me, albeit the hardest way possible, was to slow down. I used to be hopping on a plane once or twice a week with a booked schedule daily. It was fun and sometimes exhilarating, but also exhausting. After this last year, I’ve learned to appreciate how to go through life more slowly and mindfully, appreciating small moments like pouring a good cup of coffee or the way the light floods through my window.

On today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I enjoyed sitting down with my good friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who can relate to hitting pause on the chaos of life to redefine joy and health. Gwyneth and I kick off our time together talking about the power of getting out of your head and into your body. This also means getting away from the logistics of life that weigh us down and taking time to search for wonder and awe.

Gwyneth and I each share how quarantine impacted our extremely busy lives and the silver linings we’ve been able to recognize. You might be surprised to learn that even Gwyneth Paltrow gets off track sometimes! She talks about her dietary changes during COVID and how she’s working on restoring balance. Though she’s become a wellness icon, Gwyneth didn’t always subscribe to a healthy lifestyle. She shares how her father’s experience fighting cancer led her to her own realization of caring for her body and mind more deeply.

One of Gwyenth’s stand out achievements was winning an Oscar. Despite being at a career high, she fell into depression and began to question what success really meant to her, which eventually led her to create goop. We talk about why she chose to do less acting in pursuit of this vision and the fulfillment she’s experienced along the way. Since she’s become known for her curiosity in the space of health and healing, I was excited to hear what Gwyneth personally does to optimize her well-being. She shares some of her daily go-to’s as well as some of the wellness practices she’s doubted along the way. I always enjoy chatting with Gwyneth. I hope you’ll tune in.

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