Why Tracking Your Blood Sugar Can Transform Your Health

What if you could get health advice that was completely tailored to your unique body? Forget the generalized blanket statements, like “Eat less, exercise more.” I’m talking about actual guidance based on massive amounts of data that can help you optimize your diet and lifestyle for real, maintainable results. This is the future of medicine, and it will be more precise than ever before. It might sound too futuristic or out of reach, but artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are getting us there, and we’re already seeing amazing health implications for those that are utilizing these technologies.

In this episode, I talk about the exciting breakthroughs in health-focused AI and what the future holds with Noosheen Hashemi. Noosheen and I dive into the advances of artificial intelligence and machine learning in precision health. She explains the difference between these two concepts and how we can use multiomics—or multiple biological data sets—to get customized, real-time feedback to redefine an empowered approach to health.

Nosheen’s company, January AI, is using data from continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), heart rate monitors, and food logs to provide estimates of glycemic response to 16 million types of food. It also provides tips for offsetting problematic dietary choices, like an alternative meal or exercise recommendation. We talk about so many other intriguing advances in this episode, like the future of wearables for measuring cortisol, the field of proteomics, and even distinguishing the nutritional differences between crops grown in different places. It’s an exciting time for health technology, I hope you’ll tune in to learn more.

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