The Main Causes Of Autoimmune Disease And How To Reverse It

Autoimmune disease is an extremely common and growing issue in our global population, affecting millions of people worldwide. Autoimmune diseases vary in symptoms and severity, but they all have one thing in common: the body is attacking itself. Typically, when someone has one autoimmune disease, it’s likely they have more than one. Examples of autoimmune diseases are type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, and Graves’. This episode is the first in a new series I’m calling masterclass, where I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host Dhru Purohit about popular health topics including inflammation, autoimmune disease, brain health, sleep, and much more. Today’s episode explores the five main root causes of autoimmune disease—toxins, allergens, microbes, diet, and stress—and the Functional Medicine approach to treating them. Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top 50 global health podcast with over 30+ million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset. This episode is brought to you by Rupa Health and InsideTracker. Rupa Health is a place for Functional Medicine practitioners to access more than 2,000 specialty lab tests from over 20 labs like DUTCH, Vibrant America, Genova, Great Plains, and more. Check out a free live demo with a Q&A or create an account here. If you’re curious about getting your own health program dialed-in to your unique needs, check out InsideTracker and get 25% off here.
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