Simple Hacks To Boost Energy, Promote Weight Loss, And Reverse Aging

Most of us can relate to feeling tired, moody, or just overall depleted. It’s not a lack of willpower or motivation that leads to low-energy. It's because we’re up against energy thieves that are hiding everywhere from our immune system to the food we eat, and even our microbiome.

In this compilation episode, I talk to Dave Asprey about using the principles of Functional Medicine and the biology of biohacking to boost energy, promote weight loss, and feel good at any age. We discuss the numerous benefits of fasting, such as reducing insulin, improving brain function, and supporting mitochondria (these are our tiny but powerful cellular energy factories)​​. Fasting doesn’t have to mean feeling stressed, tired, or even hungry—Dave tells us how to remove the fear and pain some people feel about fasting to make the process easier.

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