The Emerging Science Of Longevity

What if I told you we’ll reach a point in time where scientific breakthroughs will extend our lives by more than a year, for every year we are alive? This is called longevity escape velocity, and some experts think it’s only 12 to 15 years away. Of course, getting to that point is multidimensional. It means addressing health from all angles, with personal lifestyle choices, technology, and more.

On today’s episode, I’m excited to talk to Peter Diamandis about the future of longevity interventions and why we won’t always have the same idea of aging that we do today. Throughout this episode, we get into the science of aging, why we don’t have to age, and some of the most recent technological advances for extending longevity. Peter and I dive into the concept of the exposome, all the things that we’re exposed to throughout life that impact our health individually, and how we can use a few key anchors for better aging.

While Peter shares some pretty high-tech options for various anti-aging benefits, we also talk about the importance of basic health principles like sleep, diet, and exercise, which we can all take initiative to include in our daily lives. Strength training is one that’s made a huge difference in how I have aged, which we discuss in our conversation. Mindset and social networks are two other topics I’m always interested in exploring, and it turns out these are also important pieces for our trajectory of aging. Never underestimate the power of optimism and community combined with the right steps.

Peter shares some of his personal longevity protocols and the work he’s doing in the field. Annual full-body MRIs, common supplements, and uncommon drug therapies are all in his wheelhouse. It’s fascinating to hear about the approaches he’s experimenting with and what he believes the future will hold for others who want to pursue these modalities. We also talk about gene therapy, stem cells, exosomes, sirtuins, the power of placental cells, and so much more. There is a longevity renaissance on the horizon, Peter fills us in on what that looks like.

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