How To Reverse Your Biological Age

What if I told you it was possible to reverse your age by three years, in just eight weeks? Well, it is possible, and today you can learn how. While this is exciting news overall, perhaps the greatest part is that the changes we can make to reverse biological aging are pretty simple and very accessible. The amazing doctor behind this groundbreaking research that has proven our ability to reverse aging is my good friend, colleague, and long-time collaborator Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.

I’m thrilled to talk to her about her work on this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy. If you’ve ever wondered what we can do to stop the aging process, then this episode is for you. We kick off the episode explaining the key concept of the epigenome, which is like the software laid over our genetics controlling their expression. While it used to be thought that our genetics couldn’t be altered, through the study of epigenetics we now know that they can.

Dr. Fitzgerald is an incredible wealth of knowledge in this area, especially when it comes to the confusing topic of methylation and how it impacts aging. She and I break down the role of methylation in the body and why it’s a powerful regulator of the aging process and a target for eliciting change. Through her recent clinical study, Dr. Fitzgerald has identified diet and lifestyle changes that reversed biological aging by three years when followed for just eight weeks. And they don’t even involve anything high-tech or expensive. She shares what kinds of foods participants ate in her high methyl-donor diet as well as the exercise protocol, sleep goals, and stress management practices she saw to be most beneficial. We also talk about the power of polyphenols, new methods for testing biological age, which supplements she recommends, and so much more. Aging will never be viewed the same thanks to Dr. Fitzgerald’s work.

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