How To Upgrade Your Immune System To Fight Viruses And Prevent Disease

For the past two years, we’ve been flooded with Covid-related information. We’ve heard conflicting recommendations on everything from how to prevent the spread, reduce the severity, and recover, but many people are still unsure of which actions make the most impact. To me, a key underlying issue of the pandemic is that we aren’t addressing the health of the host. With the virus actively looking for a new home, it’s within our power to make our bodies the least appealing place for it to settle down. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I talk to Dr. Roger Seheult about giving our bodies the best inputs to stay resilient against Covid and other infectious diseases. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices don’t just set us up to avoid chronic disease, they make us stronger against all the different pathogens we come across. That includes Covid-19, but unfortunately, steps towards overall wellness aren’t widely recognized as effective prevention strategies. In the US, sixty-three percent of Covid hospitalizations could be prevented by healthier diets. That’s because we’re constantly bombarded by inflammatory foods that disrupt our immune response. Our stressful, sedentary, sleep-deprived routines don’t help. Dr. Seheult and I take a deep dive into which foods are the most inflammatory and the powerful immune-supporting ones we should focus on instead. We also talk about our favorite supplements for immune strength and for specifically addressing Covid, as well. Vitamin D has been linked to some impressive results for Covid protection and recovery. Dr. Seheult and I talk about what the science shows and he explains why, even though it’s a helpful supplement, we shouldn’t use it in place of time outdoors due to the incredible “package deal” we get from spending time in sunlight and nature. Sleep is another foundational pillar in how well the immune system functions. Many people know they should get more high-quality sleep, but don’t really know where to start. Dr. Seheult provides some action-oriented insights that we can all use to improve our sleep quality and duration, right away. It’s not all about what happens at night—getting the right exposure to light at the right times has profound impacts on our circadian rhythms and the way our bodies transition to sleep. We also talk about striking the right balance of exercise for immune health, hot and cold therapy, and so much more.

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