Why You Might Be Struggling To Lose Weight

Contrary to popular belief, holding on to weight isn’t just about a lack of willpower or not exercising enough; even genetics plays just a minor role. There are numerous other factors that influence our weight, including things like our gut microbiome, toxins, mitochondrial function, hormones, and even our social networks. But by applying the principles of Functional Medicine, we can peel back the layers to determine where the focus needs to be for each individual to support and balance their body and help them achieve a healthy weight. In this episode of my Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host, Dhru Purohit, about the eight reasons we can’t lose weight and how to overcome roadblocks in weight loss. This episode is brought to you by Rupa Health and Paleovalley. Rupa Health is a place where Functional Medicine practitioners can access more than 2,000 specialty lab tests from over 20 labs like DUTCH, Vibrant America, Genova, and Great Plains. You can check out a free, live demo with a Q&A or create an account at RupaHealth.com. Paleovalley is offering my listeners 15% off their entire first order. Just go to paleovalley.com/hyman to check out all their clean Paleo products and take advantage of this deal.
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