How To Optimize Brain Health For Longevity

Losing our memories and the things that define us is one of the scariest things someone can face. Preserving, supporting, and even strengthening brain function is crucial to optimal aging. This is why, in today’s episode, we explore the underlying cause of brain dysfunction, the fascinating link between your gut and your brain, and steps you can take to keep your brain in tip-top shape. You’ll learn how to prevent cognitive decline and optimize your brain function.

In this episode, I’ll be featuring an in-depth discussion on brain health from my Longevity Roadmap docu-series. In this series, I am joined by my colleagues at The UltraWellness Center: Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD, Medical Director and Physician; Todd LePine, MD, Physician; and George Papanicolaou, DO, Physician. To get all of my longevity tips, sign up for my weekly Longevity newsletter at

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