What To Eat For Health And Longevity

Our bodies are literally made out of the food we eat. So ask yourself, do you want to be a twinkie or a raspberry? Real, whole foods contain information in the form of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein, phytonutrients, and fiber. These compounds impact every node of the Functional Medicine matrix, like our vascular and immune systems, detox and energy pathways, microbiome, and everything in between. That’s why food is our most powerful tool for getting our healthspan to match our lifespan.

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, we’re featuring an episode of The Longevity Roadmap docu-series devoted to using the power of food for optimal health and longevity. I’m joined by my colleagues from The UltraWellness Center, Dr. Elizabeth Boham and Dr. Todd LePine.

I share what my diet typically looks like in a day and Dr. Boham and Dr. LePine share some of their favorite foods with specific compounds that will improve whole-body health at any age. The recommended daily intake of vegetables is 5 to 9 servings. That’s only about 2 ½ cups minimum. If we truly want to take advantage of food to feel younger, longer, we need to up that range to 8 to 10 cups daily. That might sound like a lot, but one of my favorite ways is to get a ton of veggies in first thing in the morning with a green smoothie filled with celery, cucumbers, avocado, chard, and more. I know there is a lot of confusion out there about carbs, which is a topic Dr. Boham breaks down in detail in this episode.

They aren’t all created equal and some of them are better suited than others to support our health goals. Nutrition as a whole is about personalization, and carbs are no exception. Some foods work for some people while others don’t; we’ll give you some clues of what to look for as you dial in your own unique diet. We also talk about mitochondrial function, hormesis, and so much more. Food is the most powerful drug on the planet. It is always the place to start; it works anytime, for anyone, at any age. I hope you feel inspired to embrace a longevity-loving lifestyle and feel better than ever.

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