How To Conquer Your Mind To Live Your Best Life

Several months ago, I took thirty days to be by myself in a secluded Vermont cabin. I had no phone, no podcasts, no music, no TV, no work, and no company—it was just me and my thoughts. And I can’t tell you how refreshed, recharged, and centered I felt after that trip. It can be incredibly hard spending time alone with your inner self, but it’s always rewarding. That’s what today’s conversation with my good friend Colin O’Brady is all about. Colin is one of the happiest people I know. We always spend our time together laughing and it’s clear that his inner attitude shows up in his quality of life. Today, we talk about his incredible journey pulling a 300-pound sled for 54 days over 932 miles in Antarctica. Oh, and it was usually negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. His physical and mental endurance are incredibly inspiring. We discuss how he found strength to overcome limiting beliefs during his lowest moments and the importance of spending time alone with ourselves to discover inner peace and happiness. Colin is now on a mission to get others to tap into their own mental power. He explains that after that amazing expedition he went through a deep depression, and that a 12-hour walk on the beach renewed his spirit. Everyone can take one day to put down the phone and spend time alone. Colin explains how to make this protocol work for anyone at any level and why it’s such a profound practice for reframing the mind. We also talk about the nutritional action plan Colin used for mitochondrial fuel during his Antarctic race, the advice his mother gave him at a young age that changed his life, and so much more.

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