Using Ancient Wisdom To Resist Disease, Heal Quickly, And Age Well

I’ve always been a big proponent of learning from those who came before us. The knowledge of ancient cultures is one piece of the foundation of modern medicine, but much shamanic wisdom has been ignored and is now being lost. It benefits us to stop and think about what’s going on below the surface, the things we can’t see—for our health, our perception of reality, everything. Invisible bacteria is one example, wisdom is another. Today I am thrilled to talk to my friend Alberto Villoldo about the role of ancient wisdom in health, healing, and aging optimally. Alberto explains that shamans view modern disease as one illness with one cure. We talk about the crisis of disconnection, differentiating information, and opening ourselves to wisdom beyond the physical world to find physical and mental balance. Throughout my own health journey, Alberto has played a pivotal role in exposing me to new ideas and practices. I share how he helped me after I spent time in Haiti, an experience I’ll never forget. Alberto also explains what a shaman is and how we can embrace shamanic practices in our Western lives to reap many different benefits. Ceremony, ritual, and rights of passage are an inherent part of ancient cultures worldwide and they actually serve an important purpose within our brains. We can’t discuss shamanic medicine without talking about the power of plants. Plant compounds, including psychedelics, hold incredible properties to boost our well-being, whether that means recovering from trauma or fighting a stomach bug. We talk about the history of plant medicine and its roots in our modern medical and pharmaceutical framework. If you’re the kind of person who likes to take a deeper look, this is a great episode for you. This episode is brought to you by BiOptimizers, InsideTracker, and Pendulum. BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough formula contains seven different forms of magnesium, all of which have different functions in the body. There is truly nothing like it on the market. Go to and use code hyman10 at checkout for 10% off your next order. InsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform like no other. Right now they’re offering my community 20% off at is the first company to figure out how to harness the amazing benefits of Akkermansia in a probiotic capsule. To receive 20% off your first purchase of Pendulum’s Akkermansia probiotic supplement, go to and use code MARK20.
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