A Roadmap To Creating Healthy Love And Relationships

Our relationships affect our health and happiness. The problem is that we’re never taught how to seek, create, nurture, and assess our relationships the same way we do our careers and bank accounts. But the cost of bad relationships on ourselves and our society truly adds up. The relationships many of us grew up around and might consider “normal” are in fact dysfunctional, creating a negative cycle we often don’t even realize we’re in.

So how can we find good love, create good relationships, and keep them? That’s what today’s conversation with Mia Lux is all about. Mia is also what I like to call my “was-wife,”—we’re happily unmarried but still supporting each other in our own unique journeys, and we have a lot of experience from our time together to share.

Throughout this episode, we dig into our own reckonings with love and relationships, understanding our limiting beliefs, and how to reprogram our love software. Working with a coach made me realize my “picker” was broken. I had an anxious attachment style programmed from childhood that led me to seek romantic love from people who weren’t the right match for me.

Mia and I talk about how to work through these unconscious defaults to be intentional when looking for love and connection. She explains why looking at someone’s meta values is much more powerful than dating based on glaring similarities and interests. We also talk about representing ourselves accurately right from the start, despite our human tendency to leak out our hurts and issues over time as we get to know someone.

Mia has combined her passion for helping people connect with research on healthy relationships and the latest technology to co-found the new dating platform La Vette. It’s different from any other dating community out there, based purely on video interactions with people who are thoroughly vetted to be who they say they are. It’s a revolution in honest, upfront, and safe dating and I think it’s going to help a lot of people. Fostering authentic relationships is a key area of our health most of us don’t put real time and attention towards. I hope this conversation inspires you to change that.

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