How To Heal Genetic, Cultural, and Individual Trauma

Trauma isn’t just psychological; it impacts us all the way down to our genes. And those epigenetic changes don’t just stay with us—they can be passed down through several generations. That means the trauma we may be working through isn’t just our own, it’s the stress and trauma of our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents.

I know this might sound bleak, but today’s conversation on The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. James Gordon is about healing from all types of trauma to find greater mind-body peace. Dr. Gordon and I dive into the connection between trauma and epigenetics, and why the history of our families ends up written in our genes. He has traveled the world helping trauma survivors, creating a universal language of how the mind and body interact in order to facilitate the healing process. His most recent journey took him to Ukraine where he experienced the massive weight the war has had on Ukrainians’ mental health. He shares some of the steps he walked through with these survivors, their perspectives, and how he’s working with Ukrainian therapists to create a significant support system there.

Dr. Gordon and I discuss some of the techniques he’s found most helpful for healing generational, cultural, and individual trauma and how we can begin to use these methods to heal America’s divisiveness. He shares why it’s so important to move beyond the traditional medical model when addressing trauma and hone in on a more personalized approach for the greatest impact. We also hear some truly inspiring stories of transformation. Whether you have experienced trauma first-hand, within your culture, or through your family history, it’s never too late to address it and begin the healing process. Dr. Gordon is a fantastic resource.

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