How Our Relationships Can Impact Our Health And Longevity

Creating a good life and finding happiness might require a different path than you thought. Everyone has the intention to live well and feel happy, but so many of our choices deviate us from those goals. Investing our time and energy into our relationships might be the key. Loneliness is a main measure of unhappiness, and it also happens to be a stressor and risk factor for disease.

I’m so excited to talk to Dr. Robert Waldinger on today’s podcast episode, all about fostering better relationships to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Right off the bat, Dr. Waldinger shares that relationships are perhaps the thing we have the most control over when it comes to creating better health and more happiness. We discuss the connection between those things, as well as actions you can take right away to cultivate more meaningful relationships. Focusing on this part of your life doesn’t have to mean starting fresh.

We get into how to initiate a deeper relationship with your current partner and get to know them even better, as well as healing negative aspects of a relationship like grudges. Just as we practice good eating habits or a regular fitness routine, we also need to practice social fitness.

Dr. Waldinger shares his favorite strategies for working out our social lives to take advantage of the power of community as medicine. It’s never too late to put more effort into the relationships you have and cultivate new ones. Not only will it support your longevity, but you will feel happier and more fulfilled throughout your lifetime.

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