How To Let Go Of Suffering And Embrace What Is

I bet most of us can relate to having negative thoughts on repeat, whether we’ve actually stopped to think about it or not. Our minds have been conditioned and can get stuck on auto-pilot, making us feel helpless, unhappy, and lost. But just like every other aspect of well-being, we need to exercise our mental patterns to show them positive patterns and avenues for growth and change. We learn about eating healthfully, exercising, and reducing stress, but sadly most of us don’t learn much about reframing our thoughts until we’re stuck in a real crisis.

My guest on today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Yung Pueblo, is a grounded and inspiring guide for how to spend more time with your thoughts and create new patterns. We start the episode hearing about Yung Pueblo’s tumultuous history of alcohol and drug abuse, running away from his emotions and losing out on a fulfilling life. A near-death experience led him to understand it was time for a change, and his first meditation course helped him discover a new way of thinking and feeling.

We talk about what it means to find your own personal practice of reflection and a space of quiet, whether it’s meditation or something else. It can be all too easy for our traumas to become our identities, but allowing ourselves time to heal and room to think differently is the ultimate gift we can give to ourselves and our world. Yung Pueblo explains the concept of radical honesty and how that means sitting with discomfort and being honest with yourself, no matter what is coming up. We also talk about the importance of letting go and coming back to the present moment, and why it’s a continuous process we have to practice throughout life. There is so much wisdom and support for self-love in this episode.

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