Young Forever: The Secrets To Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life

We can’t avoid getting older, but we can reduce biological aging—the internal process that creates all the symptoms of the disease we’ve come to call aging. That means we can be one age chronologically, and another internally. I’m happy to use myself as an example of what we can do to our biology when we take out negative inputs and embrace positive ones:

I’m 63 years old but my biological age is 43. We are living in a pivotal time for reframing the intersection of age and health. My passion for this topic combined with the incredible tools I’ve discovered led me to write my new book, Young Forever, so that I could share this life-changing information with others.

Today on the podcast, I’m so excited to sit down with my friend and business partner Dhru Purohit to talk about some of the key highlights from my research on longevity. Dhru and I dive into the best way to determine your biological age so that you can begin your own journey of aging backward with measurable data. Functional Medicine provides us with the perfect framework to prevent and heal dis-ease, with the exciting side effect of reduced aging.

While there are many areas of life we want to dial in for optimal health and longevity, to me food is the most impactful. We eat pounds of food every single day, which acts as information for our cells and influences our DNA expression.

Dhru and I discuss how to give our bodies the right instructions through food and how to reduce certain offenders from your diet to optimize cellular renewal and function. We also take a look at my Pegan food pyramid as a helpful guide in how to build personalized, longevity-supporting meals without tons of restrictions. There are ten distinct hallmarks of aging—the underlying common pathways or mechanisms of aging.

But each hallmark is influenced by the others and affected by various imbalances—too much or too little of certain inputs that can negatively impact the expression and progression of the hallmark. Understanding those interactions and weblike connections is the key to solving the puzzle of aging, so I break them down into bite-sized pieces throughout my conversation with Dhru. It is possible to change the trajectory of the aging process to age well late into life. I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned with you.

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