Mastering Your Mindset: The Key To Happiness And Success

Are you living your most authentic life? Are you leaning into your purpose or running away from it? Is this the story you want your future self to tell or do you ache for something more?

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I sit down with Lewis Howes to talk about how to unlock the power of the mind, eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts, and pursue a meaningful mission in life. We kick off this episode by talking about how to overcome the most common barriers to greatness. Lewis walks us through common debilitating fears—fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what others think of about you, and fear of what you think about yourself.

The truth is that left unaddressed, these fears all lead you to the same place: self-doubt and the belief that you are not enough. We talk about how to identify the root causes of self-doubt and conquer the fears that hold you back, and how to transform your mind to end self-sabotaging thoughts to live a rich life.

We also talk about a powerless mindset versus a greatness mindset, and how we can start to cultivate gratitude to unlock abundance. We also explore how our past experiences shape our present responses and how to choose to listen to your inner coach, instead of your inner critic.

Lewis shares breakthrough moments in his own life and the tools that helped him get there, and how he mastered his own mindset. You can rewrite the story of your past. Lewis shares actionable steps to propel you forward into a brighter future and help you become unstuck from stories that replay endlessly in your mind and hold you back.

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