The Science Of Eating For Longevity

Like all life on this planet, humans are a reflection of our environments and what we consume. When it comes to extending our health span—the number of healthy years we exist on this planet—it is critical to pay attention to what we consume, and that means paying attention to what our food consumes. Our diets have drastically changed in the last 100 years. In America, our agricultural system has shifted from heirloom high-nutrient plants to subsidized production of highly modified corn and wheat. In fact, in our modern-day diets, rice, wheat, and corn account for 40% of our calories. Of course, we now know that the quality of our food is so much more than just calories. It’s a direct reflection of the health and quality of the conditions under which our food was raised.

I’m excited to sit down with my good friend, Dr. Jeff Bland, to discuss some exciting new research from his recent clinical trial on the impact of phytochemicals on immune system aging and how to utilize the power of nature’s anti-aging wisdom through food. We’ve only recently started to uncover the mysteries of human aging. We’re now learning that harnessing the wisdom of nature may provide some important insights for longer, healthier lives. Dr. Bland and I discuss what we have learned about human longevity from plant genetics and how scientists are evaluating immune system aging. Dr. Bland and I talk about what causes the immune system to become dysfunctional as we age, what causes the acceleration of inflammation, and how it connects to the aging of our whole body.

We also talk about the incredible world of phytochemicals, which science is just starting to crack open, and how these plant compounds are the key to avoiding and reversing chronic disease. Dr. Bland’s research in this field led him to what he considers one of the most immune-active, nutrient-dense foods in the world: Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat. This super-powered seed has the ability to rejuvenate the immune response, helping immune cells clean up their old and tired mitochondria to revitalize energy production and immune balance. Dr. Bland and I discuss the fascinating research from his recent clinical trial, where they saw a five-to-seven year reversal of biological age in just three months using compounds from Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat.

This episode is full of so much groundbreaking information that will change the way you think about the immune system. I hope you’ll tune in.

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