How To Reduce Cravings, Balance Blood Sugar, Improve Energy, And Feel Better

Blood sugar is one aspect of our biology that has major implications for how well we feel and function on a daily basis. And I have some good news for you: Balancing your blood sugar doesn’t have to be difficult or even unpleasant, and you’ll start to notice the benefits right away.

On today’s episode, I’m excited to talk to Jessie Inchauspé, also known as the “Glucose Goddess,” all about simple, attainable hacks to help you successfully manage your blood sugar throughout the day. Dysfunction in our metabolic health paves the road for chronic disease. That’s why it’s so important to regulate our blood sugar and insulin responses. Jessie and I talk about the symptoms and conditions linked to glucose dysregulation and what exactly happens in our body when we experience a glucose spike.

We discuss what optimal fasting and post-meal glucose levels should look like, and what you can do to reduce the glucose rollercoaster. The order in which you eat certain foods is one incredibly simple, yet powerful, action you can take towards balanced blood sugar. Jessie recommends starting your meals with fiber, followed by proteins and fats, and then eating healthy types of carbohydrates. We talk about why glucose is not the whole story when it comes to our metabolic health and why we also need to be looking at insulin levels.

Jessie also shares her top four hacks for balancing blood sugar—eat a savory breakfast, consume one tablespoon of vinegar once a day, add a plate of veggies to the start of your meal, and move for 10 minutes after a meal. I hope you’ll tune in to learn how simple actions can have a profound impact on your blood sugar levels and help optimize your metabolic health.

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