A Radical New Dietary Approach To Cancer Treatment

Over the years, it has become a widely held belief that cancer is predominately a genetic disease or simply the consequence of bad luck. An empowering evolution in cancer research, however, suggests we have far more control over our risk than previously thought.

On today’s episode, I’m excited to talk to Dr. Thomas Seyfried about the underlying causes of cancer and why addressing metabolic dysfunction is a very important and often overlooked area of its prevention and treatment.

We kick this episode off by talking about the metabolic theory of cancer and the role that oxidative stress, mitochondrial health, and glucose play in the development and progression of cancer.

Dr. Seyfried explains how cancer cells require glucose and glutamine to fuel their rapid growth and how depriving these cells of glucose using a ketogenic diet has shown remarkable results. When it comes to treating cancer, conventional medicine is good at cutting it, burning it, and poisoning it, but many doctors fail to treat or understand the root cause.

We talk about the limitations of conventional cancer treatment, and why diet and lifestyle strategies are an integral part of the solution for prevention and better treatment outcomes.

We also discuss Dr. Seyfried’s research and case studies with glioblastoma multiform (GBM) survivors, his research on using ketogenic metabolic therapy for dogs with cancer, and what the future of cancer treatment and prevention looks like. I hope you’ll tune in to this important conversation.

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