Ozempic: A Weight Loss Miracle or Metabolic Menace? A Discussion with Dr. Tyna Moore & Calley Means

Like most things in life, when it comes to optimizing metabolic health, a nuanced perspective can help. Rather than viewing it as a black-and-white issue, we can take into consideration the big-picture social context we’re facing that encourages ultra-processed foods, obesity, and lifelong medication as well as the micro-level of what people are experiencing as individuals and understanding how to help them when all else fails. Today I’m thrilled to sit down with Dr. Tyna Moore and Calley Means for a grounded discussion that explores both sides of the spectrum, and everything in between. While there are always differing views, we know for sure that our food and drug policies aren’t serving the best interests of creating sustainable, empowered health for the masses. I hope you’ll tune in to hear more from this comprehensive and lively discussion.
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