The Dark Side of The Food Industry: How The Standard Diet Is Making Us Sick & Fat

Food has become a more complex part of our lives than ever before. Much of what we think is food is actually many ingredients disguised as food, with entirely different, often negative impacts on the human body. Sadly, this is a greater problem here in the US than in other parts of the world, thanks to the food industry, corrupt intentions, and broken policies. Today, I talk about all this and more with my guest Jason Karp, whose personal experience of nearly going blind due to a toxic lifestyle led him to discover a different way; he made it his mission to get “back to human.”

We have a lot to do to shift our food system and eliminate harmful ingredients in the US, but there are ways to enact positive change starting today. We can all support a cleaner food industry and better health by voting with our dollar, purchasing real food, and getting involved in policy policy changes. I hope you’ll listen to this episode to learn more.

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