Fertility in Crisis: Exploring the Toxic Threats to Fertility and the Rise in Infertility

Infertility is a significant challenge for many couples, with statistics now showing that one in six couples face difficulties conceiving. What was previously perceived primarily as a woman's issue is now recognized as a shared concern between partners. In today’s episode, we'll explore the factors in our modern environment contributing to this growing problem. In this episode, we’ll explore what’s driving this infertility epidemic and a step-by-step Functional Medicine protocol for correcting hormonal imbalances and elevating overall health through targeted dietary choices, lifestyle changes, and the strategic use of supplements. Tune in for a comprehensive approach to addressing infertility from the inside out.

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

BPA: used in the production of plastics and epoxy resins, endocrine disrupting chemical
  • Swap plastic storage containers and cups for glass ones
  • Never heat food or drinks in plastic containers
  • Avoid drinking from plastic water bottles
  • Avoid BPA-lined coffee cups (transfer hot contents to a stainless steel travel mug)
  • Don’t take the receipt (get an email or text copy).
  • Avoid plastic tea bags and coffee filters (switch to organic, unbleached, 100% plastic-free tea bags and non-toxic cotton coffee filters)
    • Found in fragrances (candles, plug-ins, perfume, deodorizers, deodorant, personal care products, skincare, and lotions).
    • Check the EWG Skin Deep Database for clean beauty products.
      PFAS “forever chemicals.”
      • Top sources of PFAS: tap water (invest in a water filter), large fish (EWG Safe Fish List), food packaging, ultra-processed foods and soft drinks, cookware (Avoid Teflon. Use stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic coated instead)
        Air pollution (indoor and outdoor)
        • Avoid burning toxic candles, incense, air fresheners
        • Avoid toxic household cleaning products
        • Invest in a quality air filter.
        • Open windows if you have access to fresh air outdoors.
          Heavy metals
          • Lead, mercury, and arsenic
          • Top sources: tap water (get a filter), large fish (tuna, swordfish)
          • Test for heavy metals, remove sources of exposure, and detox using sauna, hydration, and chelation therapy under the supervision of a doctor.
            • Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night
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