Is It Possible To Be Vegan-Keto?

Despite what conventional medicine has told us, type 1 diabetes is not a sentence for a heavy reliance on insulin. For many people, a diet that carefully monitors carb intake can dramatically reduce blood sugar swings and reduce the amount of insulin needed. Keto (or the ketogenic diet) has gotten a lot of buzz lately, and this fat-heavy very low-carb approach to eating is showing some promise for diabetics and many other metabolic diseases as well. With that being said, there is no perfect diet for everyone, and each person needs to find what works best for them.

One of my guests on this week’s Doctor’s Farmacy podcast, Dr. Carrie Diulus, has found vegan-keto is the best approach for managing her type 1 diabetes and maintaining a healthy weight. We’re also joined by Dr. Ethan Weiss, who’s been steadily in ketosis for about 2 years using a plant-heavy, mostly pescatarian keto approach. Vegan-keto and a heart-healthy high-fat diet? These are phrases most people think of as contradictory, but in fact, they are health routines some people thrive off on.

Dr. Diulus share’s her own experience in successfully managing her diabetes with a plant-based vegan diet along with research and anecdotal evidence she’s seen for others along her journey. Dr. Weiss weighs in on the more traditional keto diet and how we can all make it healthier with the right fats and the impact they have on cardiovascular function. We talk about the importance of fiber and how it can easily be incorporated into the keto diet, as well as when keto just doesn’t work for some people and why that might be.

There’s so much good information in this episode that might surprise you about a fat-heavy, plant-heavy diet. I hope you’ll tune in.

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