How To Fix Your Brain And Live A Genius Life

Did you know dementia begins in the brain decades before symptoms start showing up? We can see changes in brain scans 30 or 40 years before forgetfulness and other disconcerting symptoms creep in. But I’ve seen so many patients overcome symptoms of brain dysfunction through the right diet and lifestyle changes. If our actions can have that much power to reverse some forms of brain illness, why aren’t we talking more about using them for prevention? I’ve seen people with genetic predispositions avoid a diagnosis altogether by living a conscious life.

That’s exactly what my guest and good friend, Max Lugavere, and I get into on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy. Max lost his mom last year to a rare disease called Lewy body dementia, which comes along with the neurodegenerative and physical symptoms of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We can’t ignore the connection between the brain and body—they’re inseparable—and some of the most impactful ways to support both of them are right at our fingertips. Max explains how getting adequate sunshine (especially in the morning), spending time in nature, embracing some uncomfortable temperatures, and eating dinner earlier are all simple yet super effective methods for preventing illness. We also talk about optimizing nutrients like vitamin D and magnesium.

Max explains how his interest in brain health and nutrition has evolved from his first book, Genius Foods, into a comprehensive whole-body plan for optimal living in his new book, Genius Life. Brain disorders have for so long been made to feel out of our control. But there is so much we can do to prevent and reverse the range of signs and symptoms that steal our brains, bodies, and health as we age. I hope you’ll tune in for tips from someone I consider a true expert on the topic, Max Lugavere.

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