Reversing Multiple Sclerosis And Autoimmune Disease With Functional Medicine

The most profound cases of healing I see are in people who refuse to give up. Even if they’ve found some things that improve their condition, they continue searching for new ways to feel better and better. This is how we break down walls in medicine. It’s how people who are told they’ll never walk again end up biking to work every day.

I’m honored to have one of those incredible people on today’s podcast to talk about her journey as a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Dr. Terry Wahls never stopped searching for answers and has changed the prognosis of MS and autoimmune diseases for herself and so many others in the process.

Throughout this episode, we dive into Dr. Wahls latest tweaks and updates to the healing protocol that’s been so successful for her and countless others. Dr. Wahls’ diagnosis led her to create The Wahls Protocol, which is responsible for her amazing recovery. While this program has provided her with a long-term framework for health, we discuss the new things she’s trying these days and the benefits she continues to discover. One example is hormetic stressors—we talk about hot and cold therapy, and Dr. Wahls explains how taking ice baths actually improves her sleep, as well as how to safely work your way up to the right level of temperature dysregulation for your body.

Diet is a huge component of Dr. Wahls’ healing process. With 9 cups of colorful vegetables and some fruits, it might be the most nutrient-dense diet on the planet. She explains the benefits of things like sulfur-rich foods, as well as the rationale behind embracing organ meats. I find this is something many people struggle to incorporate, but she provides some great tips on how to start including more high-quality organ meats in your diet with maximum flavor.

Dr. Wahls conducts clinical trials that test the effect of nutrition and lifestyle interventions on MS and other progressive health problems, like autoimmunity, neurological dysfunction, and traumatic brain injuries. We talk about some of her exciting research findings, as well as why the corruption of research funding has forced her to rely on private donors for these studies. It’s people like Dr. Wahls who create the future of medicine. I hope you’ll tune in to hear her inspiring story and learn about some updates to her personal routine.

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