What Is Your Mouth Telling You About Your Overall Health?

Traditional medicine approaches the body by isolating single organs and dividing them up into medical specialties. Yet, by seeking to identify the root cause of symptoms and correcting imbalances, long-lasting healing can be attained. It comes as no surprise then that oral health is connected to full-body health in myriad ways. From infectious and chronic diseases, chronic low energy, inflammation, and even protection from Alzheimer’s—it appears everything is tied to the health of your mouth, gums, teeth, and saliva.

In this mini-episode, Dr. Hyman speaks with Dr. Cynthia Li about how a trip to the dentist’s office led to valuable insight in her journey through autoimmune disease. He also speaks with Dr. Todd LePine about the important link between oral health and systemic health.

Find Dr. Hyman’s full-length conversation with Dr. Cynthia Li, “How a Doctor Cured Her Autoimmune Disease with Functional Medicine” here: https://DrMarkHyman.lnk.to/CynthiaLi

Find Dr. Hyman’s full-length conversation with Dr. Todd LePine, “The Functional Medicine Approach To Oral Health” here: https://DrMarkHyman.lnk.to/92CPnu7E

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