How to Quit Eating Ultra-Processed Foods

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is over 60 percent ultra-processed food mostly from commodity crops—wheat, corn, and soy turned into hundreds of thousands of food-like products that bear little resemblance to our evolutionary diet. These addictive, nutrient-depleted foods not only make us obese and sick but drive us to consume more and more “food-like substances,” looking for the missing nutrients. Yet, a desire for real food is a fundamental part of our basic biological blueprint. Given the chance, our taste receptors will naturally gravitate toward the inherent goodness found in real, whole foods.

In this mini-episode, Dr. Hyman speaks to Dr. Elizabeth Boham, Dave Asprey, Fred Provenza, and Dr. Assem Malhotra about how our taste buds, hormones, and brain chemistry have been hijacked by the food industry. They discuss how ultra-processed foods are leading us to be overfed, yet undernourished and how we can reclaim our nutritional wisdom by eliminating ultra-processed foods from our diet.

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