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Hey everyone! Thank you for joining us for our Dr. Hyman+ exclusive Ask A Nutritionist event. We collected the top questions from our Dr. Hyman+ Community and asked Nutritionist Lisa Dreher to give us her expert advice. Check out the video and resource list below! 


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Topics Discussed:

    • What are your thoughts on using a microwave and an air fryer? (3:18)
    • How did you decide to become an RD, where has your path taken you and how did you end up working at Ultra Wellness? (7:45)
    • What is the best diet to reduce belly fat and what foods are best to incorporate in your diet to reduce belly fat? (12:46)
    • What are the overall health consequences of eating saturated fats for a healthy person eating a high-quality Pegan diet? (20:19)
    • Are any healthy prepackaged smoothies and other healthy snacks that you could recommend on the go? (23:35)
    • Can you recommend some reliable nutrition resources for young children? (27:18)
    • What is the best approach to incorporating resistant starches into your diet? Could draining and rinsing starches lessen their impact? (31:05)
    • Is there a diet regimen/nutrients you would recommend to support bone health or make bones stronger to help prevent osteoporosis or even after a diagnosis of osteoporosis? (36:22)
    • What would be the first step to shifting from meat to include more plant based food? (41:10)
    • What is the best way to achieve optimal mitochondrial health? (45:15)
    • Is bloating from eating cauliflower normal? (50:50)
    • What are foods you can have before you undergo surgery to assist in the healing process? (52:33)
    • How to prevent the Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) effect when cooking your food? (54:06)
    • What to consider when supplementing with CoQ10? (56:47)
    • What should you consider when you are on blood thinners and eating vegetables? (59:13)

Resource List
Air Fryer 
Aviva Romm, MD. Natural MD Radio podcast
Dr. Kenneth Bock
Dr. Hyman’s Blog Post about Healthy Eaters

Dr. Hyman's Pegan shake
Creation Nation
Paleo Valley meat sticks and protein bar
Vegetables low in vitamin K: Onions, eggplant, tomato, mushrooms (wild mushrooms: shiitake and maitake are especially great), cucumbers, and artichoke are some of the best choices. See Nutrition Data Site for more detailed information on other foods. 

Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Team Dr. Hyman+ and Nutritionist Lisa Dreher 


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