Dr. Hyman+ April 2021 Deep Dive: Long COVID

Hello Dr. Hyman+ Community! Our April Functional Medicine Deep Dive is here and we are talking about something that has been on everyone’s mind: COVID and immunity. Dr. Elizabeth Boham from The UltraWellness Center is here to discuss Long COVID, which is when a person feels the sequelae of COVID for a period of two months or longer. Dr. Boham discusses how to support your body if you are suffering through Long COVID, reduce your toxic load, ensure the intake of key vitamins and nutrients, and make lifestyle changes to boost immunity. Click below the video player to download the powerpoint slides so that you can take notes and follow along to learn more about Long COVID and immunity. Let’s Dive in! 

Click Here To Download the PPT Slides

We hope you enjoyed the April 2021 Functional Medicine Deep Dive exclusive for Dr. Hyman+ community members. Join us next month, we will be discussing the Functional Medicine approach to Heart Health and Understanding Cholesterol. 

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-Team Dr. Hyman+ and Dr. Elizabeth Boham 

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