June 2021 Ask A Nutritionist

Hey everyone! Thank you for joining us for our Dr. Hyman+ exclusive Ask A Nutritionist event. We collected the top questions from our Dr. Hyman+ Community and asked Nutritionist Lisa Dreher to give us her thoughts. Check out the video and resource list below! 
Topics Discussed 

  • How important is intermittent fasting and is it something that everyone should do? Are there situations where intermittent fasting would not be a good idea and can this impact muscle loss? (1:22)
  • What are the best oils to cook with and how much should be used? (7:23)
  • Is there anything you have done with a client with Restless Leg Syndrome to help ease the symptoms? (12:44)
  • What are the best foods and habits that you would suggest for women who are undergoing hormonal changes, like menopause, to feel their best? (16:02)
  • What are the best foods and supplements to recover and gain strength back after chemotherapy? (19:24) 
  • Is it important to rotate supplements or change probiotics every so often? (22:37)
  • How important is it to avoid lectins? If you don’t have an autoimmune condition, should you be avoiding them? (25:59) 
  • What recommendations do you make to your clients who are vegetarian? Are there certain supplements they should take or foods to make sure they incorporate into their diet? (30:09)
  • What are the best ways to prevent urinary tract infections and are there foods that help keep optimal urinary tract health? (35:45)
  • What foods should be avoided or can help children with eczema? Should children with eczema avoid dairy products? (38:32) 
  • Are there foods or supplements that can help a child who is on the autism spectrum? (44:14)
  • Can you supplement with fiber powder throughout the day? (49:13)
  • Does MCT Oil raise your lipid levels? (51:01)
  • What foods can help you balance your adrenals? (52:08)
  • Can MCT Oil cause cramping? (55:22) 

Resource List

The Lifecycles of Women 
Preventing Urinary Tract Infections  
Ways to support adrenals:  Blood sugar balance with adequate healthy protein, fiber, and fat with each meal. Adaptogenic herbs/teas: Holy Basil (Tulsi), ashwadangha, and medicinal mushrooms such as chaga and reishi

Four Sigmatic Adaptogenic Blend 
Fixing Adrenal Burnout 
Best non-dairy sources of calcium:  Sardines, salmon with bones, non-GMO tofu fortified with calcium, cooked collard greens, cooked kale, almonds/almond butter, cowpeas, white beans, sesame seeds, bok choy, turnip greens, non-dairy calcium fortified milk.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Team Dr. Hyman+ and Nutritionist Lisa Dreher 



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