June 2023 Ask A Nutritionist

Hey everyone! Thank you for joining us for our Dr. Hyman+ exclusive Ask A Nutritionist event. We collected the top questions from our Dr. Hyman+ Community and asked Nutritionist Lisa Dreher to give us her thoughts. Check out the video and resource list below! 


Topics Discussed

  • Is it okay to drink a protein smoothie every day? What vegetables should you put in your smoothie if you are worried about oxalates? Can eating a diet high in oxalates impact calcium absorption for women with osteoporosis? (00:52) 
  • What are your opinions on the impact of lectins, nightshades, and phytates on your body and whether they increase inflammation or not? Are these to be feared? (5:05)
  • What are your thoughts on protein, and do you know of adverse impacts on other body functions when somebody ingests 120+ grams of protein daily? (8:10) 
  • Can you suggest ways to boost protein intake at other meals when not eating animal protein so I can get to my target of 100+ grams/day? Which vegetables and grains have the highest protein? On days when we're having plant-based protein in our morning or post-workout shake, would you recommend supplementing with amino acids? If so, what kind and about what dosage? (11:34) 
  • Can you focus on support for vision health, specifically macular degeneration? Can we really influence this situation for improvement, or is it attempting to maintain the current status? (16:04) 
  • What diet would you recommend to a person with established coronary artery disease that would reduce soft or vulnerable plaque? (20:29)  
  • What are the best foods to eat to bring one's ferritin levels up to optimum levels, and are there any that are best avoided? Are there any supplements that help raise ferritin levels? (22:09) 
  • Is gluten inflammatory, so we should avoid it even if we don't have celiac disease or gluten intolerance? (25:21) 
  • Where can we find a book or online dictionary on Vitamins? (28:33) 
  • At what age can you start giving protein powder to kids?  What kind? (29:50) 
  • What is a good high-quality source of just DHA omega? (31:31) 
  • What are the best food sources for magnesium? Are post-menopausal women’s needs different?  Are there any high-quality supplements available? (33:03) 
  • What is the best way to increase Iodine in my diet, and why is iodine important? (35:41) 



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Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Team Dr. Hyman+ and Nutritionist Lisa Dreher 



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