June 2023 Ask Mark Anything

Hey everyone! The June Ask Mark Anything is here and available exclusively to the Dr. Hyman+ Community. Over the past month, our team collected questions from the community and found the most popular topics to ask Dr. Hyman. Check out the video below!

Topics Discussed

  • What song is on the top of your playlist, or what song do you have on repeat? (00:30)
  • How do you know if you have too little or too much stomach acid? What is the functional medicine approach to reflux? (1:51) 
  • Are there any specific nutritional recommendations you have that support recovery following an orthopedic surgery? (6:05) 
  • In a general way, which foods help healthy cell repair and regeneration? (7:57) 
  • What is the MIND Diet, and how does it compare to a Mediterranean diet? Is there anyone who should consider this diet? (9:36) 
  • What causes LDL cholesterol to oxidize? Are there certain diets that promote more or less oxidation of LDL? (12:45) 
  • What might be the cause of recurrent infections, and is there a way to treat recurrent Urinary Tract infections without antibiotics? Are there any supplements or foods that can support urinary tract health? (16:06) 
  • Do you have any general guidelines for someone recently diagnosed with plaque psoriasis? (19:35) 
  • In your book Young Forever, you write about gene reprogramming, gene editing, nanobots, and 3D organs. How is that different from genetic engineering or genetic modification of vegetables? Can it be harmful? (22:15) 
  • What is the best way to clear MarCONS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci)  from sinuses after mold exposure? (26:15) 
  • Do you recommend protein shakes for lunch or mostly for breakfast? What is your favorite protein powder? (28:32)
  • Are there any supplements or other lifestyle changes one can make so as to keep blood clots from reoccurring besides going on baby aspirin or blood thinners?  (31:27)
  • What is the difference between Osteopenia and Osteoporosis? What are the ways to test for both? Would you suggest that an individual who is a vegetarian and has been diagnosed with Osteopenia consider supplementing with calcium supplements? Is heart disease a concern when supplementing with calcium? (33:43)
  • Which location is next on Dr. Hyman’s wish list for travel? (39:26) 


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