May 2021 Ask Mark Anything

Hey everyone! The May Ask Mark Anything is here and available exclusively to the Dr. Hyman+ Community. Over the past month, our team collected questions from the community and found the most popular topics to ask Dr. Hyman. Check out the video below! 

Topics Discussed: 

  • What is the MTHFR gene? What is methylation and what does it do? (00:00:37)
  • How does one find a person who will help with being accountable to establish a healthy routine? (6:19)
  • What are lectins and how concerned should you be about consuming high-lectin foods if you have a leaky gut? (10:31)
  • How to put on weight and keep muscle while following the Pegan Diet? (13:02)
  • How do you get deep, good quality sleep if you already have good “sleep hygiene” and eat “healthy diet” recommendations? (15:18)
  • What is restless leg syndrome and what if restless leg syndrome is the cause of my sleep issues? (19:02)
  • What is the Functional Medicine approach to skin health and treatment of skin conditions? (23:37)
  • Can you speak about the function of the thyroid, why thyroid conditions are so hard to diagnose, and what you can do to support optimal thyroid function. (29:10)
  • What is CBD and what are the benefits of taking it?(36:19)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode 
Dr. Hyman Blog Post on Key to Methylation
Tiny Habits Change Everything
TB12 Sports 
Dr. Hyman Sleep Course 
Ultra Thyroid Solution

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Dr. Hyman & Team Dr. Hyman+

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