November Ask Mark Anything

Hey everyone! The November Ask Mark Anything is here and available exclusively to the Dr. Hyman+ Community. Over the past month, our team collected questions from the community and found the most popular topics to ask Dr. Hyman. Check out the video below! 

 Topics Discussed:

  • What is the best way to increase your metabolism? Is it a good idea to restrict your calories to under 1,000? (00:35) 
  • How do you know if you are increasing your mitochondria? (10:05) 
  • What is the cause of anxiety and what is the Functional approach to treating anxiety? (11:26) 
  • Should you filter your water? If so, what water filtration system do you recommend in a house, and is reverse osmosis the best way to filter your water? (20:44)
  • What’s the cause of incomplete bladder emptying when using the restroom? What should someone with this issue explore? (22:56) 
  • What are the causes of seasonal allergies and the best way to treat them and get relief? (26:00)
  • What is the importance of iron, where you can get it, and the best way to measure blood iron? What’s the difference between iron and ferritin? Can low ferritin levels be genetic and what do you recommend for people that tend to have lower levels? (33:49)  
  • What is the cause of vertigo and what is the Functional Medicine path to treating it? (39:57)
  • What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and how would you test for it and treat someone who has it? (42:44) 
  • Do you have any recommendations for a child who has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when they have already removed gluten? (47:31)
  • What is glutathione and what are the benefits of taking it? (49:44) 
  • What is Dr. Hyman’s favorite movie?  (53:10) 


Environmental Working Group
UltraMind Solution
Prostate Supplement 
Epidemics of Absence Book 

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time.

-Dr. Hyman & Team Dr. Hyman+


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