October 2022 Ask A Nutritionist

Hey everyone! We collected the top nutrition questions from our Dr. Hyman+ Community and asked Nutritionist Taylor Groff to give us her expert advice. Check out the video and resource list below!

Topics Discussed: 

  • What, by definition, is considered a glucose spike? What is a desirable range for glucose to be? (1:21) 
  • What is the functional nutrition approach to constipation? (5:12) 
  • Is there a genetic blood test that helps you decide which diet or eating plan is best for you? (12:45) 
  • Which protein powder do you recommend, and is there anything to be mindful of when purchasing powders? (20:26) 
  • What are your thoughts on having a protein source at every meal, including breakfast? Other than adding collagen powder to shakes and yogurt, what are some of your favorite morning protein sources? (24:54)
  • Is there a resource like “Google” to search for functional medicine answers? (31:00) 
  • Is avocado oil good for you, or is it just another highly processed rancid oil that is causing inflammation? What are the best oils to use? (33:05) 
  • What kinds of foods do you suggest eating at night, so you are not hungry in the middle of the night?  (36:49)


Gut Food:
Global Healing’s Oxy-Powder
Pure Paleo Protein
Be Well Protein
Magnesium Cheat Sheet
Try This Newsletter: How to Poop Better
DNA Company
Why SIBO Rarely Occurs On It’s Own Podcast
Try This: How to Eat with your Circadian Rhythm
Learn More About Taylor
Taylor’s Instagram

Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Team Dr. Hyman+ 

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