October Ask A Doctor Anything

Hey everyone! The October Ask A Doctor Anything is here and available exclusively to the Dr. Hyman+ Community. Over the past month, our team collected questions from the community and found the most popular topics to ask Dr. Elizabeth Bohman. Check out the video below!

Topics Discussed

  • What was a hot topic at this Women’s Health Symposium this past summer, and what do you think needs additional attention or what is something that many people may not know about in this field? (0:48) 
  • Why are we less tolerant of equilibrium changes as we get older, and is there anything we can do to improve this? (7:45)
  • Have you heard of the idea of food combining? If so, what do you think about it? (11:53) 
  • What is peripheral neuropathy, and what can you do about it? (13:30) 
  • What are the best supplements to help induce autophagy, and when should you take them? Is a 12-13 hr period of digestive rest daily sufficient, or is a longer fasting period ideal and or required? (18:47) 
  • Can you talk about the differences between visceral and subcutaneous fat? What should the percentage range be in these fats, and what is the best way to get it into a normal range? How can you accelerate losing abdominal visceral fat without losing muscle or, even better, lose visceral fat while increasing muscle mass at the same time? (24:08) 
  • Is rucking is a healthy consideration for a 55-year-old? ( 31:03) 
  • What is the maximum amount of protein a person can absorb in any one meal sitting?  Are there any upper limits of protein intake for any one meal? (33:31)
  • Would you consider Urolithin A an essential supplement?  Why or why not? (35:28) 
  • Is it important to take Vitamin C supplements?  If so, how much? Does it matter if it is made from ascorbic acid? (37:45) 
  • Are there special considerations for people with autoimmune diseases with regard to the use of probiotics? Is there any theoretical reason why a person with autoimmune issues would experience adverse reactions with probiotic use? (41:29) 
  • What is your opinion on Allulose? (43:58) 
  •  Have you heard of any issues with NAD supplementation for people who have genetic issues in the folate and methionine pathway genes? Should they be more cautious when supplementing with NMN/NR and /or support the methylation with TMG/Betaine simultaneously? (45:33) 
  • Do you have any current concerns about using electric vehicles? (48:00) 
  • What book, speaker, or podcast has inspired you the most in your journey as a Functional Medicine Practitioner? (49:35) 

The Disease Delusion Book

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Dr. Boham & Team Dr. Hyman+

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