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10 Day Reset

10 Day Reset

Everyone gets off track from time to time. The 10 Day Reset is a systems-based approach designed to help you get back on track and reclaim your health!

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Product Description

Food has the power to heal. It contains information that talks to your genes, turning them on or off and affecting their function moment to moment. That’s why it’s the most important part of the 10 Day Reset.
This system focuses on nutrient dense whole foods that fuel your body and don’t spike your blood sugar†.

The evidence based liposomal supplements included in the 10 Day Reset are designed to support core functions in the body — everything from providing foundational vitamins to supporting our natural detoxification system to key amino acids that support relaxation and sleep.

When you eat, and the quality of your sleep, are just as important as what you eat. That’s why we incorporate daily habits and principals from the science around time restricted eating and healthy sleep hygiene.

Whats in your box:

  • Morning Shake-Our Morning Shake includes a combination of healthy fats, protein and fiber to keep you satiated and energized throughout the day.
  • Multi-Even with a perfect diet, the combination of many things –including our depleted soils, the storage and transportation of our food, and our increased stress and nutritional demands – make it impossible for us to get the vitamins we need solely from the foods we eat. Our multivitamin is designed to fill in the gaps created by our modern lifestyle and diet.
  • Mag+Zinc-Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in our body and is the most powerful relaxation mineral available. Zinc is important for immunity, digestion, metabolism function and healthy tissue and collagen formation. Unfortunately, many of us are deficient in these critical minerals which is why we've featured them in the 10 Day Reset.
  • Detox-Your body has a built in detoxification system. We created a formula designed to support this system featuring the mother of all antioxidants - glutathione in combination with milk thistle and green tea. This powerhouse supplement helps to protect our cells and supports immunity.
  • Sleep-Our sleep formula, which includes GABA, L-theanine and melatonin, was designed to target the key nutrients that support a better night’s rest by calming and relaxing both the body and mind.