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Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

Over 175 recipes from Dr. Hyman and his community, written exclusively for the Blood Sugar Solution Plan and tested thoroughly. Every recipe complies with the nutritional guidelines for blood sugar regulation, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. Organized by the three different plans, Basic, Advanced and Reintroduction.

Product Description

In my book, The Blood Sugar Solution, I walk you through a 8 week plan that helps you balance your blood sugar and even reverse diabetes. If you didn't read The Blood Sugar Solution, I have two simple words for you: don't worry. You don't have to be familiar with The Blood Sugar Solution in order to enjoy the sumptuous recipes in this cookbook.

My goal with any of my plans is to ensure that you're NOT limited to a steady diet of "health foods" that are good for you but may not stimulate your palate. So, after The Blood Sugar Solution reached #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, it didn't take long for the requests to roll in: "Dr. Hyman, can we get more recipes?" I couldn't have been happier! Since food is nature's most powerful medicine, I was thrilled that my dietary advice was getting through and that my readers were enjoying the journey.

As The Blood Sugar Solution is built on the concept of community I decided to extend that to the recipe book as well. I asked YOU, my loyal health warriors, to help me take back our kitchens and help America start a cooking revolution. Your response was overwhelming! I received over 200 fantastic recipes. Every recipe was tested, and I added several favorite recipes of my own to create this amazing collection of recipes for total health and weight loss success.

Doctor Approved and Delicious: What a Revolutionary Idea

You’ll be proud to serve these dishes to your family and friends, and happy to share with them the path to a healthier, fitter life. After all, getting and staying healthy together is the key to lasting success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re all thumbs in the kitchen, either. Honestly, if you can read this, you can follow and prepare each of the recipes. You’ll be serving them up like a pro in no time.

Cooking and enjoying a healthy diet will become second nature, I assure you, when you give these delectable dishes a chance.

It’s the Only Cookbook Written Expressly 
For The Blood Sugar Solution …

…and that means you can enjoy any of these 175+ recipes with complete confidence. No worries whether or not they meet the plan’s guidelines … and no time wasted checking to see if all the ingredients comply with the dietary requirements.

They comply, all right…my nutritionists and I have made sure of it!

Each recipe has been reviewed carefully, and has earned our “Seal of Approval” for a satisfying way to eat your way to health, whether it’s for a breakfast that sticks to your ribs … a lunch that keeps you going strong all afternoon … a romantic dinner for two with a decadent dessert … or a snack to tide you over any time of the day.

What’s more, I’ve organized the recipes by plan, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect dishes whether you’re following the Basic Blood Sugar Solution Plan … the Advanced Plan … or the Reintroduction Phase.

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